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Custom Designs

epaThe Acme Systems Difference begins by preserving water with WaterSmart Designs as an EPA WaterSense Partner. WaterSmart Design mean that each system is designed to preserve water by using the most advanced water conserving methods and products. Learn more.

Acme Systems follows the philosophy that each customer and landscape require a unique customer design. Your sprinkler system is designed for your specific needs and budget. We listen to you. All the details of your project starting from design and through to completion and beyond are handled by our Designers. We have strong working relationships during all phases of the project including design, estimate, coordination, scheduling, and installation. Our goal is to satisfactorily maintain your sprinkler system for many years after we install it.


We will perform a site survey and consider:

  • Soil and plant types
  • Water pressure
  • Existing shade
  • Normal weather, amount of sun and winds
  • Water source (gallons per minute available)
  • Plumbing and plumbing permits
  • Electric
  • Proper sprinkler layout
  • CAD technician layout process
  • Local codes
  • Install back flow preventer
  • As-built design placed near your controller for reference

In your sprinkler design, we will look at water sources:

  • Municipal water
  • Well water
  • Pump water from water sources such as retention ponds/reservoirs, lakes and rivers
  • Types of pump systems (booster pumps or pumping stations)

Our highly regarded reputation is a direct result of the excellent service we consistently provide our customers. You can rely on us for:

  • Experience
  • Reliability, flexibility and dependability
  • Peace of mind
  • Superior design for efficient water use
  • Design to distribute water in the most uniform pattern
  • Head to head coverage


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We are licensed and insured, offer competitive pricing, provide detailed accurate bids, include warranties, and include maintenance for the first year.


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