Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will it damage my lawn when you install my automatic sprinkler system?

We use professional equipment and installation techniques so that your existing landscape will not be harmed. Trenchless pipe installation means that our machine slices sod and lays the pipe at the same time to prevent damage to your lawn. Our installation crew will do a walk through inspection with you when installation is complete.

How can I fertilize my lawn and control pests with an underground irrigation system?

We offer FertileEarth products for your system to efficiently dispense fertilizer and Nature Shield pest control automatically.

How can I prevent rust in my water from staining my hardscapes or driveway?

We offer Rid-o-Rust products including an injector system that runs with your existing irrigation system. Get more info.

How does my rain sensor work?

The wireless rain sensor device senses a rainfall and will shut your system down when a preset amount of rain falls.

Will my Acme Systems irrigation system really save me money?

Yes. For “The Life of Your Landscape” means that your landscape will be healthier and more vibrant. You will spend less money replacing plants, flowers and turf that die from lack of watering.

How will I benefit from an Acme Systems irrigation system?

Your custom designed system will save you time, effort, water and money. The sprinkler system will add to the value of your property and keep your landscape healthy. 

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a method of applying small amounts of water directly on the roots of plants in planting beds. It is a network of small tubing that is connected to provide water to the roots of many plants at the same time.

What is a backflow preventer device? Why does my system need this device?

A backflow device prevents any water from the sprinkler system from getting into the drinking water supply. The state of Wisconsin requires the device. We know the requirements to install the appropriate device for your system.

Does my grass need a different amount of water than my flowers and other plants?

Yes. Grass needs a different watering schedule than flowers and plants. Your system will water more efficiently because it is designed to water based on the watering needs of your landscape. We install specific products designed to water grass, trees, garden plants, shrubs, and plants in hanging baskets.

What maintenance does the irrigation system require?

We recommend that your system have a Spring Start-up and Fall Winterization. In spring your lawn sprinkler service technician will turn your system on, set the controller, and adjust all the heads for excellent coverage and test for proper operation. In fall your Acme Systems service technician will remove all the water from the system using an air compressor.

What is a spring start-up?

The purpose of the initial spring start up is to fill the main line with water, bring to full operating pressure and check the entire system for proper operation.

How do you winterize my sprinkler system?

To winterize your irrigation system, the Acme Systems service technician will evacuate all water from the system piping to prevent freeze damage during the winter months. The procedure consists of blowing out zones located at the ends of the main line first, then continuing to blow out all other zones using a high volume air compressor (150 CRM or more).

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